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Voice cabling includes the planning, installing and repairing of telephone systems. Toronto Cabling Solutions excels in installing, repairing and expanding all kinds of PBX telephone systems, including IAX2, SIP and other VOIP systems.

voice cabling

We provide top quality voice cabling service, using only certified cables implemented by experienced technicians. Bellow are some of the most common services we offer. But feel free to call us if what you need is not listed. Our customer support will quickly be able to give you info about our voice cabling services, pricing, and any consultations you may need. Call us now, and get stable voice cabling systems that last.

Phone Jack Installation

phone jack installation Do you need another phone jack installed? Is the room hard to reach with cables?
We are here to help!

Cable Fishing

cable fishing Do you have cables all over your floor or on the walls? Call us to fish them through the walls where they belong, to give your home or office cleaner and more practical look.

Telephone Cabling

phone system From expanding your telephone systems, to installing fresh new phone system for your business, we can provide what you need.

Phone System Repair

phone system repair However big or small, the problems you might have with your telephone system can have a real impact on your business revenue. Call us and get the reliability of your phone systems you deserve!

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