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Network jacks are a neat way to keep your devices connected to the network on demand. A proper service will include the following:

  • Planning the perfect location for Network Jack Installation and aesthetic reasons.
  • Testing the wall for other utilities running to ensure not damaging old ones by installing new network jacks.
  • Drilling might be required for network jack installation or cutting drywall.
  • Setting up the network jack by installation on both ends (communication room jack).
  • Testing the installed jack for connectivity and loss of signal.

network jack installation

We offer various types of network jacks, depending on your needs. Whether you need to connect a computer to the network, another tv to your cable, or just about anything, we are here to help!

Usually, our network jack installation can support both phone and data. We want to provide you with the choice to use plug-and-play devices with all jacks. This means that a double jack can support both phone and data network. We always recommend adding a second cable to any new jack in case one gets cut in future.

Our expert network jack installers will advice you on best location to place a jack. This might be on top of a table or inside a cubicle that support jacks. It is important that network jack installation is done in a location where it is easily accessible.

Network jack can be installed on many surfaces including conference room tables, drywall, or concrete walls. Network jack installation can be done for a variety of cable and plug types including fiber, cat5e, cat6, coax, HDMI, and may other low voltage cables.

Network jack installation requires testing, labeling, and fastening of jack to surface. We label all jacks and provide a map or excel sheet of jack location at customer request. This sort of map helps if any future diagnostic of network jack is needed.

For planning the number of jacks needed in an office you should count two jacks for each user and add any network jack installation that is needed for printers, wireless access point, and other devices that may need internet. It is wise to add network jack in locations that do not have any jacks within a 5 meter vicinity. This allows for you to relocate furniture and staff without the need to call technicians each time you have to move an employee.

Network jack installation is very similar to phone phone jack installation or any other low voltage jack installation. We provide HDMI jack installation over network cable (Cat5e or Cat6) or in pure HDMI cable. This requires the network jack installation to use universal plugs that can support all sorts of plugs.

TIA Network Cabling for standard require network jack installation to be correctly labeled and tested once job is done. There are few manufacturers that can provide network jack installation certification.

Network Jack Installation must be done by expert cable installers. Network jack installation should not be close to power circuits or it should be secluded due to interference that can be introduced to network. Certification of network jacks can be requested before job starts. If you need to certify your network jack installation please let your technician know this ahead of time.

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