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Network Cabling of Cat5e and Cat6 are the most widely used standard cables for data connections today. Network Cabling is the infrastructure to connect users to a main IT location or IT closet. Whether an office is consistent of few employees or thousand employees there is always a need for a central location for network cabling. Employees and smart devices require all sorts of network cabling. Usually each user location requires four network cabling jacks installed. This allows for connecting computer, phone, printer, and other devices such as fax or a smart device.
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Network Cabling is done by expert cabling installers who draw travel path for cables. Network cabling requires multiples checks and has a process that is summarized in below points:

  • Site survey for Network Cabling
  • Planning for expansion of Network Cabling
  • Communication room network cabling infrastructure
  • User end network cabling aesthetics and accessibility

When doing a site survey a user has to know the bandwidth capacity as that matters in case of network cabling with Cat5e or Cat6 cables. This is important because if an organization wishes to transfer large media files network cabling should not be a bottle neck. Cost of bandwidth is high and and upgrade of Cat5e to Cat6 makes business sense in many instances. However, there are times when Cat5 network cabling suffices if no internet media sharing happens and internet bandwidth is capped at modem level. In this case it’s best to focus on addition more jacks to network cabling plan to count for future expansions.

Expansion of an office or relocation of employees is a hard task but if proper network infrastructure is in place from the beginning then it is a much easier job. Network cabling professionals always advice 30% to 40% more capacity when doing an install. This is because reaching high ceiling or drilling and installation of cable is not an easy task. Usually, there are multiple parties involved in network cabling (e.g. owners, building managers, neighbors, …). In order to avoid hefty costs a network cabling project should take into consideration costs of future expansion and budget for those from the begining.

Location of Communication Room and type of equipement used in a communication room is a vital part of Network Cabling process. A communication room or IT closet should be a central location to all users because it will have to feed all users equally or provide for an option to allow for easy expansion. Network Cabling standards require the communication room to be at optimal temperature and that it allows for maneuvering space for IT personnel.
The quality of the cable, but also the distance, status of termination points and many other factors can affect your internet speed and stability. Toronto Cabling Solutions offers professional network cabling services, using only top quality certified cables. Our technician teams are heavily experienced in installing reliable network systems that always perform to industry standards.

Whether you need cat5e, cat6, or any other type of network cabling service done, we have a team ready for you. Contact us to get a top quality service or a free consultation on how to get the most out of your internet connection.

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