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Network Cabling includes the planning, installing, and repairing of data networks. Toronto Cabling Solutions provides clients with service by experienced technicians using only top quality certified cables. Our team excels in installing systems where reliability, performance, and scalability are essential. Call us, and get the fast & stable network you deserve!

network cabling

We offer various network cabling services. Bellow are the most common network cabling services we provide, but feel free to call us even if what you need is not in the list. Our customer support will be able to quickly provide you with service and pricing info, as well as with consultation about your problems.

PC Jack Installation

pc jack installation Need an extra jack for your computer? Call us and have it installed today!

Coax Cabling

coax cable Whether you need to move your TV to another room, or improve the quality of your connection, we offer top quality coax cables installation.

Data Cabling

Data Cabling We install all kinds of data cabling systems, such as entertainments systems, printers, TVs, and whatever comes on your mind.

Cat5e Cat6 Installation

cat6 cable The type, length, and quality of your cables can affect your internet’s speed. Call us now, and get free consulting or service to get the most of your internet connection.


wireless networking Get 100% reliable and secure wireless connection set up, covering the right amount of area you need.

Network Jack Installation

network jack Need a networking jack installed? Are there no cables leading to the room? We’re here to help!

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